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What's Pinterest Micro-influencer?

Micro-influencers are individuals that have between 1,000 to 1,000,000 followers/audience members and are considered experts in their respective niche. We Cover Fashion & Beauty Niche in this specific account.

These smaller, more focused fashion & Beauty niche experts connect on a deeper level with our audiences and generate greater engagement.

In fact, influencers with 1,000 + followers generated 85% higher engagement than those having 1M follower, and as the number of followers increases the engagement tends to decrease because they don’t have focused on a specific niche.

Staying within that 1,000 to 100,000 followers proves to be the sweet spot.

It just makes sense — a smaller audience means much more hands-on, personal interaction and we all know that’s marketing gold these days.

With a smaller number of followers, micro-influencers followings tend to see themselves as peers of the influencer rather than fans – and 84% of consumers say they trust recommendations from peers over advertising.

Leveraging micro-influencers who are followed by your target audience not only put your service or product in front of the right people but slaps on a glossy coating of social proof.

What are the Benefits of Using Pinterest Micro-influencers?

Higher Engagement Rates

As we mentioned, engagement with users from micro-influencers is a huge benefit to working with us. (Plus, as a user, it’s just a better experience!)

Compared to celebrity influencer accounts, micro-influencers are able to interact with their audience more frequently via likes and follows, and respond to questions/comments in a quicker manner.

Higher interaction between the influencer and the audience means that a connection is established quickly and chances are the influencer is also more relatable than a celebrity.

We are more likely to talk through common pains our audience feels in relation to your product and “get real” with them, whereas a celebrity influencer is likely being paid big dollars to do the same.

That exposure can ultimately help you not only get eyes on your business but can help with the sale of your product.

This means your dollar (and limited dollars at that) can go much farther connecting with a micro-influencer.


Going with a celebrity influencer or endorser can cost you hundreds of thousands, just for one post.

So, unless you are a huge brand, that just may not be realistic or worthwhile. A micro-influencer is much more affordable.



  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Accessories
  • Health & wellness

Stores platforms

  • Shopify Store
  • eBay Store
  • Etsy Store
  • Woocomerce Store
  • Other (Let us know)

Profile is: skymaxrecords

Number Of Pins

200 Pins, 300 Pins, 500 Pins

Board Description Required Or not?

Yes, No

Custom Hashtags?

Yes, No


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